Basim Magdy, Only stone, Bronze and the sky shall outlive all the rest

25.2. – 15.4.

Hunt Kastner   |   Bořivojova 85, Praha 3

Images: Ondrej Polak

With the poetic and mysterious title “Only stones, bronze and the sky shall outlive all the rest”
Basim Magdy opens his second solo exhibition at hunt kastner, presenting a film, an installation
and several photographic works. Basim Magdy uses texts, images and sounds to construct fictional
places, settings and scenarios, which interrogate, with scepticism, our impressions of utopia and
collective identity. Each image, a fragment of reality, is subjected to different chemical processes
creating different degrees of loss. The picture is immersed in an oneiric light as our memory fails us
with the passing of time and layering of experience.